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How It All Works

Simple, Straightforward, Transparent
The process and Frequently Asked Questions

Choose Your Challenge

Choose your challenge and dates.
Consider if you are extending your dates in country, ie staying for an extra night or two.

Book Your Challenge

Go to our Booking Page.
Complete and submit the form.
Pay the deposit required.

Confirm Your Charity

We will liaise direct with the charity.
Arrangements with them will depend on your funding method.

Our Confirmation To You

Once the process above is complete, we will confirm everything to you in writing.

This includes, Confirmation letter, Kit List, ATOL Certificate, Challenge Manual and other relevant supporting documents.

You’re On Your Way!

Start Your Fundraising

See our tips and guidelines on fundraising to give you a flavour and your charity will equally be very supportive; they are the experts after all!

Financial Deadlines

We operate a ‘no financial risk’ policy with charities. That means that we do not expect trip fee payments from the charity unless they have the required funds from the fundraiser (you). Subsequently, fundraising targets for the min sponsored and flexi methods have to be met 10 weeks prior to the departure date.

Complete your Challenge

Go and enjoy the Challenge, promote your chosen charity and reflect on the good work that you have done.

Frequently Asked Questions

All trips require a minimum number to operate. Our numbers are one of, if not, the lowest in the Industry. The min number for your trip is stated on the relevant webpage. Our minimum number is as low as 2.

For those that book first, we will give them a ‘provisional’ Confirmation. As soon as the magic number is reached, we will guarantee its departure. This low number allows participants to start to fundraise early in the full knowledge it is guaranteed to depart.

Yes, no final balance surprises!

We would always recommend that you book your trip at the earliest possible point in order to give yourself as long as possible to fundraise. A year in advance is a good target to aim for for most treks, especially those that require a significant fundraising total to be reached. Do remember, most fundraising targets need to be reached 10 weeks prior to your departure date.

The charity retains anything above the fundraising target; our costs do not change.

No-one wants anyone to fail and we all want you to go on that journey (not least you!). Should you fail to make the target, you will be given every opportunity to make up any shortfall from your own funds. But ultimately, that target has to be met in order for the charity to release the remaining trip fees to us. If the fees are not paid, then the place would have to be cancelled. Every effort would be made to prevent that from happening.

They key is to communicate with us and the charity at an early stage if you feel it’s not working. It’s far easier to try to work something out then than at the last minute, which leaves fewer options open.

Absolutely. That’s what the charities are good at. Different charities support in different ways of course from providing t-shirts to buckets but all will provide a whole host of ideas to help you. You can also find a million and one ways to fundraise (how you do it depends on your strengths) by looking on line.

Fundraising targets are directly linked to the cost of the trip itself. The fundraising guidelines of the UK state that you (the fundraiser) cannot benefit by more than 50% of what you receive in donations.
As an example, if you raise £1000, no more than £500 of it can be used to fund your trip (the 50% rule).

As a further example, let us use a trip that costs £1000. If you deduct a deposit of £250 (payable by you personally), it leaves a trip cost of £750 to pay. That in turn means you have to raise £1500 in order to maintain the 50% rule (£750 retained by the charity, £750 payable to us for the remaining trip cost).

Using that formula, you can work out just about any fundraising target if you know the trip cost.

There are numerous elements to consider:

  • Your deposit – your deposit is non refundable, so unfortunately you would forfeit that.
  • Your donations to the charity – any donations made to the charity cannot be refunded and therefore remain with the charity.
  • Insurance – you are obligated under the Terms to take out travel insurance within 7 days of signing up. Not only does this cover you for any personal costs but you can recover any costs paid out by the charity on your behalf, such as flights. If you do not take out insurance, you are liable to the charity for any costs the charity has paid out on your behalf.

Lots! Each trip that we run has a downloadable brochure on line and we also provide you with a Challenge Manual once you have signed up. Between them, there is a whole host of information to draw on as well as access to us personally over the phone.

Whilst we can help, your chosen charity are the fundraising experts and it is them you should refer to for fundraising assistance in the first instance.

Please check for the link to our Booking conditions (Terms) in the footer of this webpage.

If you are still unable to find them, check the Booking webpage for a link there.

If all else fails, either call us on 01529 488159 or email us – [email protected] We will gladly email you a copy.

Yes, provided your group meets the min number (which is usually low) and the dates are suitable from a weather and logistical view point relevant to where you intend to go.

Yes. When you complete your booking form you can let us know if you wish to discuss extending your trip beyond the trip dates allowing you the choice to arrive earlier or return later. If you would like us to organise additional hotel accommodation or an extension to a standard trip then we will be happy to discuss the options.

We stress that you need to inform us of any plans to extend when you book as once we book flights, it may not be possible to change them. If we can change them, there is likely to be a fee from the airline. We will inform you of any costs for changes prior to making them.

Not as a matter of routine. Solo travellers will be accommodated in a twin bedded hotel room/tent with another group member of the same sex.

If there is an odd number, someone gets lucky with sole occupation but at no additional cost.

If you specifically request sole occupation, there is a charge. That charge is stated on the relevant trip webpage.

Be aware that in some cases, sole occupation may not be possible. This mainly applies to the trek/cycle rather than hotels or Guesthouses. The specific webpage will tell you where these restrictions are and we will also inform you if we see a request on your booking form.


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