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Project Description

Select Your Own Dates

What exactly does this mean?

Exclusive Challenges

Tailor Made Challenges

Same Costs

Whether you are a couple, a group or a Charity, if the dates for your chosen trip are not convenient, in the vast majority of cases you can chose your own – it’s that simple.

There are some trips that we can’t operate with adjusted dates such as some Arctic trips but where it is the case, the option of ‘Select Your Own’ is not given. No harm in asking if there is any doubt!

So What Are The Options?

Exclusive Challenges – Usually associated with charities opting to use a trip for fundraising purposes. As the name suggests, it is usually exclusive to that charity. Provided the charity is confident of recruiting the min number required (normally 2-6 people), this is an excellent option. This is best done well in advance in order to coordinate promotion. We stress, there is no financial commitment or risk to the charity. To support the challenge, we can provide a dedicated web page available on our site to attract those who are interested or a web page with a unique URL to access via the charity web site. The charity can choose their preferred option or both. We will also supply your bespoke marketing material and any other photo’s or text to assist with promotion.

Tailor Made Challenges – A simple case of adapting an existing trip to suit your requirements. You can:

  • Adapt an itinerary to suit an intended audience, ie reach Kilimanjaro’s summit on a specific date.
  • Cut the trek shorter, or extend the trek longer where possible.
  • Make it more (or less) challenging.
  • Include additional support such as more camels to support less able trekkers.
  • Adapt for disabilities.

Same Costs? – Why not! Provided the minimum numbers have been met, the dates agreed and there are are no additional services, then there is no reason why costs should change.

Sahara Life Changing

Example 1 (Tailor Made)

A Couple whose available dates for an Everest Base Camp trek are restricted to 1 day less than the itinerary states and on specific dates.

Solution – we can arrange the trek for any specific dates for a min of 2 people (no extra cost) AND reduce the itinerary by 1 day without affecting the all important acclimatisation process. Where that day is taken out will be discussed with the client given the information and options we provide and the pro’s and con’s of each.

Example 2 (Exclusive)

A charity is confident they can recruit a conservative min of 4 – 6 fundraisers for a trek in the Himalayas, max 2 weeks, nothing too extreme.

Solution – we would discuss various options and agree dates. We would assist promotion with e-flyers designed by us and if required, produce a dedicated webpage for the charity. We can also assist with social media promotions in conjunction with the charity. All paperwork and queries are dealt with by us.

We pride ourselves on being as flexible as we can
If we can make it happen; we will

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