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Charity Fundraising Targets Uncuffed

Charity Fundraising Targets Explained If you ever embark on a charity challenge or trek, there are basically only two [...]

Is Morocco Safe?

Is Morocco Safe To Trek? It is a question we do get asked and one worthy of delving deeper. [...]

  • Kilimanjaro Map

Kilimanjaro – Stay Safe

Kilimanjaro - Stay Safe It is fair to say that those taking on Kilimanjaro ('Kili') as [...]

  • Lukla airport, Everest Region

Everest Base Camp – Resilience is Key

Everest Base Camp Resilience Is Key Most 'standard' itineraries to Everest Base Camp (EBC) take 8 days to get [...]

  • Sahara Life Changing

The Sahara Desert Challenge – Life Changing

The Sahara Desert Challenge Life Changing? 'Life Changing' - It is a term perhaps too often [...]