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A Simplistic Concept – No Cost, No Risk, No Commitment

Many charities have historically been hesitant about offering charity challenges, fearful of committing costs and time and put off by the commitment of high minimum numbers and perhaps the lack of recruitment.

Our Charity Challenges – we specialise in what we do.

No Risk, No Cost, No Commitment – It’s All Explained Here…

There is no financial risk or costs to the charity for our charity challenges whatsoever because:

  • We do not expect challenge trip fees until the client has fulfilled their pledged funding targets in accordance with our agreed schedule.
  • There are no challenge fees payable to us for any form of set up or administration or PR support/assistance.
  • We do not charge the charity for sole occupation (even if by default), or due to low group numbers. Our group numbers are as low as 2; we think the lowest in the industry.

No formal, or promised commitment is requested or expected for any recruitment numbers.

It is in the charity’s hands as to what type of promotion and how much of it they wish to use to promote our charity challenges/treks.

Our support to the charity costs nothing and it goes a long way:

  • Branded e-flyers, for use in email shots, newsletters or on webpages.
  • Images to support any website promotion you choose to do.
  • Pledge forms all done for you.
  • We deal with all bookings and subsequent queries about the challenge.
  • Dedicated webpages if you wish to take on dedicated events outside of those advertised.

If you require any clarification or wish to discuss, call us on 01529 488159 or email [email protected]

A minimum of 2 people! That is often our minimum group number for a guaranteed challenge. It has to be one of, if not, the lowest in the industry.

By doing so, we guarantee the group’s departure at a very early stage, which in turn allows fundraising to begin. There is nothing worse than fundraising for a charity  challenge months only to be informed that the challenge has been cancelled due to lack of numbers. We don’t do it.

UK Leaders are employed if a charity wishes to have the group accompanied. By doing so, to cover the cost of the UK Leader, the min number required to guarantee the trek will need to increase, usually to just 10 people.

Groups of less than 10 will be led by a local Guide. Most of our treks (above 10 or not) work very successfully in this way.

Whether a UK Leader is there or not, the local Guide will always be present. It’s his country, his patch, his language, his country’s customs.

The decision to employ a UK Leader must be made from the outset.

There are no supplementary costs:

  • All fuel surcharges – included.
  • All airport taxes – included.
  • Supplements due to low numbers – Nil.

About Us and How It All Works, including our ‘no risk’ policy to charities.

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