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Our expertise is our experience.

Terry Crosby created travelandtrek.com in 2005 after 33 years in the Army. There, he was fortunate enough to be able to build a career around his love for adventure and the outdoors. This passion for adventure travel, combined with his vast experience and knowledge now ensures that your adventure is the most amazing travel experience possible. It wasn’t long before the request to facilitate a charity challenge came along and we subsequently forged relations with many National and local charities, small and large. We are able to provide what some larger companies are simply unable to (or unwilling to) – that personal and flexible service with guaranteed departures for as few as 2 people.

Our expertise comes from our experience and every adventure we offer, we have personally undertaken and developed. We continue to monitor and adjust regularly. We believe our attention to detail creates the best possible journey for our clients, many of whom return to travel with us again. Terry remains the driving force behind the company and he will more than likely be the person you speak to when you contact us. We intend to keep the company small, manageable and on that same personal level offering great flexibility. It’s what makes us different.

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But not everything we do is small! Over time, the charity destinations and products we offer have significantly grown and so has our place in the charity challenge market. We know that many smaller charities are hesitant about offering charity challenges, fearful of committing costs and time. They are potentially particularly put off by the commitment of high minimum numbers.

So we created the ‘trek4life’ series of events. It aims to host challenges for charities fundraising for similar causes and without any cost or risk to the charities taking part. Now even the smallest charity can benefit from this form of fundraising, whether they have one person or twenty people wanting to take part.

And for those taking part? Unlike a normal open challenge, you will know that your challenge has a united goal and that you will be travelling with like minded people. And you will still have our low number guarantee. This enables clients to fundraise safe in the knowledge that your trip will not be cancelled at the last minute due to low numbers.


Our guides, operational managers, ground crew and support staff in each of the countries we operate in are the kingpins to our success. We know each one personally, relationships built up over many years, so that they too maintain the high level of service and safety we expect. We support continued training and development to make sure our Guides maintain their qualifications as well as first aid. Their language skills are superb with many speaking not only fluent English but many other European languages too.

Supporting their families and the local community is vitally important to us. It is the prime reason our local guides are the focal point on our trips unless we feel that your safety requires a UK leader. Terry personally led many trips in the early years and soon realised that his presence was not only unnecessary but also detrimental in most countries. When a UK leader is present, local guides step back out of respect. Clients then not only miss out on their vast local knowledge but also their experience of adapting to situations and the dynamics of the group. Local Guides are superb; it is after all their home patch.

Our overseas team(s) are as much a part of our company as we are. It shows through their enthusiasm, their loyalty and their care on each and every one of our trips.


Where would we be without these guys!

They are our friends, they travel with us from time to time, they love their jobs and above all …
they are professionals.

Jamie Maxwell

Professional freelance and commercial photographer with extensive experience in the adventure travel, food and commercial environments. Jamie is one of those photographers that just has that ‘eye’!

Clint Singh

Professional commercial and editorial photographer. Combines his passion for teaching photography with exploring and adventure; loves extreme environments, especially the arctic.